We Are Superior Commercial Roofing Systems

Owner Lee Myers has been in the construction industry since 2000. Over the years Lee has worked on shingle roofs mostly in the residential field. Lee noticed a wide variety in the difference of quality between products and services provided. He noticed that  contractors would sell homeowners on quality but give them less than quality in service and products. When Lee was introduced to Conklin Roofing Systems he became convinced of the superiority of this commercial roofing product. Lee had always wanted to get started into the commercial side. Here was his opportunity, he started his own company to offer customers the best. The best service, the best in products, and someone who would stand by their work. That’s why SCRS only offers Conklin commercial products and Owens Corning Duration shingles. Lee wants to work with people who understand the value in a superior product and exceptional service.  SCRS knows that they can offer these products and services all while still competing or beating competitor prices.